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Dyson Warranty

In 2021, I bought a top-line vacuum from Dyson, but no more than 8 months later the machine stopped working.

Dyson explained that they did have a problem with the model so they replaced the unit.

This was January 2022, and when I was having a conversation with them, they told me to register the product at to get the extended warranty.

A couple of days after reaching out to Dyson I got a confirmation that a new vacuum was on the way. In addition, I got an e-mail stating that my new vacuum was warranted to 10/06/2026.

I have two e-mails stating my vacuum serial number and warranty end date, both of them say my warranty ends 10/06/2026.

It’s now February 2024 and my vacuum is broken down again.

I’ve reached out to by Live Chat this time and even though the first person said my warranty was good and that they would either provide the broken part or a replacement, the end of it all is that Dyson denies the e-mail is legit, and that I have no warranty on my vacuum.

They can not replace the broken part, they can not provide a replacement for me.

In addition, they can not provide me with the necessary information about how to reach their legal department as I am now filing a small claim lawsuit against them.

These series of videos and posts are not intended to get Dyson’s attention, but to warn anyone who wants to spend the extra dollar purchasing a Dyson product.

The fact is there is no reason why anyone should accept this. We all just want something that works, and some will pay that extra dollar to get the top line of any type of product. The sad thing is, in reality, it makes no difference as companies like make poor products and do not live up to their warranty policies.

There are a couple of things that I find rather disturbing in this Dyson conversation.

Inconsistent acknowledgment from Dyson

In the first conversation I had with Dyson Live Chat I was told I needed a new bin for my vacuum. I was then told the bin was out of stock and that I should wait a couple of weeks, maybe more. I did not accept that and asked for the issues to be resolved faster. They then offered me a replacement vacuum, but it turned out that a replacement vacuum also was not in stock.

I was connected to another department where I argued that I needed a vacuum. They then mentioned that perhaps they could replace it with a newer model, but that would be another department that could make that call. They informed me that that department would call me.

3 days later I had received no calls from Dyson and I once again reached out to try and find a solution.

The first person I talked to confirmed what the previous conversation had stated about warranty and replacement. I again said that I did not accept this and was transferred to their resolution team who told me that the warranty was not valid. According this them, this time over, I had no warranty on my vacuum. They continued explaining that when they replaced a vacuum the warranty was not renewed, and even though that sounds logical it’s a contradiction to what the other agent had told me as well as what their e-mail stated.

A small claim lawsuit was the only action I had

At some point, I concluded that Dyson was not interested in helping in any way. No replacement parts, no replacement vacuum, no nothing, so I accepted that my fate was sealed. At this point, I figured the best option was filing a small claim lawsuit against Dyson, so I was using the resolution team how to reach their legal team.

For those who don’t know or have never done a small claim lawsuit, the first thing you need to do is mail a demand letter, and naturally, that demand letter should be targeted to the legal department. The demand letter should be sent as a certified letter with a return receipt.

To my surprise, the resolution team wouldn’t provide this information and told me that I should reach out to my attorney and have him or her search that information. But when we’re talking about a small claim in the realm of $700 it’s not advisable to put this in the hands of an attorney.

And, to be honest, most small claims can be handled by any individual.

Dyson’s Product is better than others?

Another topic is the product itself and the fact that Dyson is no better than any other manufacturer of high-end vacuums.

Many people will tell you that a Dyson is better due to its HEPA filter and even though Dyson was one of the first manufacturers to add HEPA filters, lots of other brands use HEPA filters.

Other factors like “innovative technology”, powerful suction, and sleek design are the main topics when discussing why a Dyson is a better vacuum.

HEPA Filters are used on Karcher, Miele, Bissell, Shark, and many other brands and it’s more or less standard on most vacuums, especially if they are rated for pets.

I often think about what people or organizations refer to when they mention a fancy word like “Innovative Technology”. The truth is, it’s just a word that makes you think this is a special product, and that goes for vacuums, cars, computers, etc. In reality, the Dyson isn’t more innovative than other brands, yes it detects and adjusts the speed based on the surface, but other vacuums do this too. The digital display is very innovative, or is it? Even the Chinese brands have far more advanced displays and functionality, so aren’t they innovative?

Okay, so at least the Dyson stands out when it comes to powerful suction. No, it doesn’t. The fun fact here is the way we measure suction and for some reason, Dyson lists their suction in Watt Air instead of the normal Pa (Pressure in Pascals).

The Dyson V11 is listed with a suction of 185 Air Watts equal to about 1480 Pa. Is that high? No, I am afraid not. In 2022 the average vacuum was between 1000 Pa and 2000 Pa, and the more powerful models would reach 3000 Pa. Robots for example are normally listed around 1500-2500 Pa.

To sum this up, is Dyson a better product? No, it is not. To be very honest, there is nothing that makes the Dyson vacuums stand out from the crows. Well except the price I guess.

Buying Dyson from Amazon compared to

Is Dyson cheaper or more expensive, I think everyone knows the answer. Dyson themselves will tell you that you pay a “bit” more for a better product and a better warranty. But we’ve already determined that that is not correct. The products are not better and the warranty doesn’t matter unless you plan on replacing your vacuum every 3rd. Year.

Don’t buy it anywhere else than from

The 3-year warranty, by the way, is only valid if you purchase your product from This means that if you, like me, get everything from Amazon you’d not be getting the 3-year warranty, you’d be getting only a year of warranty.

Why is that you may ask. Well, because they can is the only answer I can give you cause it’s not cheaper at Amazon. Amazon does state the fact that there is a one-year warranty and newer models 2 years of warranty. But the positive side, you do get lifetime Dyson support and I guess we all need that, cause vacuuming can be very difficult.

Prices on Dyson have gone up 30%

The worst part is not over yet. Prices have gone from around $700 for the top model to $1100, but this is okay cause Dyson has added a bunch of stuff like 115% more suction power, a fully Optic cleaner head, and a Motorcar Cleaner head. Say that again.

I love all these fancy words, when in reality what I want is a reliable product with sufficient battery life, good suction, and a warranty that backs it up. For Dyson vacuums that doesn’t help though.

While researching Dyson’s newest invention I see why everybody needs it. The Dyson Gen5 traps viruses – Wow, it’s a crazy invention by Dyson. No, it’s not at all as any vacuum with a decent HEPA filter does the same.

Bigger businesses like Dyson can get away with anything

Let’s move a bit back here and take a look at what options we consumers have. I am sad to tell you, that you have almost no options, no rights, and no actions you can take against these giant organizations like Dyson. I am sure Jason Dyson was an honest man many years ago and that he built his company on decent principles, but along the way, Dyson became a thing of money. Yes, all businesses should make money and that doesn’t matter if it’s a small or huge business, they should make money. The difference is how they make their money. You may not agree with this viewpoint, but if you make the best product, you provide awesome service, a great warranty, and even better reliability you make money.

My conclusion

My conclusion is, that Dyson is NOT better than anything else, so there is no reason to choose Dyson and pay top dollar for their products. You can easily find products that offer the same suction, the same features, and at a way lower price with a better warranty.

Dyson Warrenty